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A couple of nights ago I joined Andy from breakfast in the ruins podcast and Dave from the Californian heavy psychedelic/stoner rock band Sönus for a chat about all things Bob Haberfield and the 2 upcoming books about Bob’s life and his artwork, that will be published by John Davey from Jayde design. With the help of a zoom video call, we spanned 3 countries; Andy in the UK, Dave in California and myself in France to come together face to face.

So coincidently, of perhaps it was fate, depending on your belief structure. Andy and Dave had been discussing Bobs Mayflower Book cover designs in the Previous podcast. Dave had commented that he thought Bobs images would make great record covers and T-shirts, He then put it out to the audience, that if anyone knows how to get in touch with the executors of Bobs artworks to let him know.

It was by chance that a few days later Andy came across the instagram page I have recently set up for may dads art work called Im using this account as a platform to show the variety of different styles my father had as an artist. At the moment I’m only posting images that are not gong to be selected in the 2 upcoming books, don’t want to give too much away yet.

So Andy passed on the page link to Dave so by the power of modern technology and social media we are all BFF’s, who would have thought it! So Andy invited me to join him on the Breakfast in the Ruins Podcast along with Dave on his podcast, which I happily accepted.

So we where all sitting in our respective countries, in different time zones, in different living rooms, chatting face to face. Well actually we had to turn the video off because where I live in rural France we only have super slow narrow band, which means all I was getting was frozen images of my compatriots, mid sentence. So we had to opt for old fashioned tech, audio call!

We chatted for about an hour about my fathers life, how he got into Budhism and how his book covers where influenced by his Meditations. About how the Upcoming Books idea germinated and grew into the concepts we are now working on. as well as other topics of interest.

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