The Artworks of Bob Haberfield

News update

I have finally finished cataloguing all my fathers artwork. A total of 2614 paintings and drawings plus 140 poems, 12 films and 490 photos. Work has now started to transfer the data base that I’ve been working on into a database that can be hosted on this site. The aim is to be able to have a searchable data base of all Bobs work, that will be accessible by all who are interested. We are working on how to present this, so there is still a lot of work to be done. But In the meantime I am regularly posting examples of Bobs work on instagram

Online galleries of Bob Haberfield's artwork

I will be asking different people from the art world and close friends of Bobs to curate galleries of Bobs artwork and to write a short piece about why they have chosen the pieces they have chosen and what bobs art means to them.

Bobs in his art studio in Wales