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Bob Haberfield

 March 1938 – May 2021

Artist, Illustrator, Poet & Musician.

Bob Haberfield

Bob was best known for his Michael Moorcock Fantasy and Science Fiction book covers that he painted in the early 1970's.

 He then went on to have a successful career in advertising Illustration, for companies such as Sainsburys, Woolworths and Liptons tea, However he was always a fine artist at heart and he painted extensively throughout his life for his own joy, expressing the beauty he saw in life. This work he never exhibited to the public but every available square inch of wall space was adorned with his artwork. along with portfolios stuffed full to bursting with drawings and paintings and drawers full of sketchbooks. He left behind him a legacy of over 2,000 works of art. He was also unbeknown to me quite the Poet. Something I only found out about, when I found a bunch of folders crammed full of dog eared sheets of paper with hand written poems, often illustrated with his drawings. Bob was A naturally gifted artist who mastered everything he turned his hand to.

The aim of this website is to preserve the legacy he left behind and to provide a platform for people to be able to see the work that he never showed.

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Bob Haberfield Floral Painting
Bob Haberfield Book Cover Art
Sime 3 by Bob Haberfield
Bob Haberfield cointreau orange

Bob Haberfield related projects currently underway

Im currently working with skylight printers on a set of Giclee prints of a selection of Bobs book covers, which will be sold at the shop on this website. We still have a few things to iron out so the shop is not open for business yet!

Work has started on 2 books about Bob Haberfields life and works that will be published by Jayde Design.

A data base of all his works is also being compiled that will eventually be listed on this website.

Posters of selected paintings will eventually be available for purchase on this site.

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If you have any questions or are interested in buying any original art works by Bob Haberfield please send us an email.