The Eternal Champion

A Giclee print of Bob Haberfield’s the Eternal Champion, cover art for the Micheal Moorcock Book of the same title published in 1970


The Eternal Champion painted by Bob Haberfield in 1970 for the cover of Michael Moorcocks Book The Eternal Champion published by Mayflower in the same year.

This is a limited edition run of 50 reproduction Giclée prints. Printed at the original size that they where painted by Bob, which is approximately A2 and is printed on Natural Soft Texture Bright White 315gsm cotton rag paper.

Each print is embossed with the Bob Haberfield Estate stamp and hand numbered and titled and they have been colour corrected to match the original artwork as closely as possible.

Giclee (or Giclée and pronounced ‘gee-clay’ ) – originally from a French word it means ‘little squirt’ and refers to spraying fine drops of ink or dye onto paper or canvas. Using Canon’s genuine Inks, the giclee prints are reported by the manufacturers as light fast for at least 200 years.